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Need reliable pregnancy tips, baby growth tracker, milestone, advice, remedies?

Parentune helps to celebrate each moment right from baby’s first smile.

Avail Indian Pregnancy advice, newborn baby care tips & parenting skills app – Seeking most fertile days, getting pregnant, pregnancy diet, baby growth chart & development tracker, breastfeeding advice, childcare tips, baby milestones, vaccination schedule, feeding, nutrition, sleeping remedies, motherhood skills & more.

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Seeking authoritative & best pregnancy care, after pregnancy fitness & workout tips, child care advice, parenting questions & skills, remedies, immunization alerts etc?

Download must-have pregnancy care, parenting skills & baby care advice app & start asking & getting personalised & instant tips from our doctors, experts & community of 5 million verified like-minded parents.Download here>>>

Read blogs, ask questions & participate in Live-chat for tried & tested solutions from our doctors, experts, nutritionists instantly as per your interests.

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Why Parentune Exists?

At Parentune, you will experience tried & tested pregnancy, baby care tips & parenting support & solutions validated by fellow parents and vetted by experts.

Discover reliable child care products and perfect child growth tracker tips, videos for child’s every stage.Download here>>>

India’s best pregnancy & parenting app – If seeking pregnancy week by week progress, pregnancy calendar & more i.e.

☆ pregnancy health tracking
☆ pregnancy nutrition
☆ due date tracker

☆ pregnancy test & vaccines
☆ labor or delivery pain remedies
☆ C-section, birth plan checklist

☆ periods & sexual health
☆ baby in womb growth tracker
☆ fetal weight-gain foods ideas

☆ pregnancy food plan
☆ normal delivery tips
☆ morning sickness

☆ prenatal vitamins
☆ post pregnancy healing
☆ after-pregnancy fitness, exercise tips

☆ belly & fat reduction tips
☆ recover stress & postpartum depression
☆ pregnancy remedies

Newborn Baby Care

☆ breastfeeding tips
☆ lactation issues
☆ premature babycare

☆ feeding ideas
☆ start solid foods advice
☆ baby massage tips

☆ baby sleep & poop
☆ cough, cold & flu remedies
☆ games & fun activities

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☆ infant safety
☆ food chart & recipes
☆ baby teething remedies &

☆ teeth soothing tips
☆ babycare products reviews
☆ age-wise nutrition tips
☆ vaccination tracker
☆ seasonal childcare tips

Toddler & Preschoolers

☆ food charts & recipes
☆ motherhood tips
☆ home remedies

☆ language learning tips
☆ gross & fine motor skill
☆ speech development

☆ exam-time support
☆ seasonal parenting alerts
☆ social & emotional skill

☆ positive parenting
☆ indoor fun ideas
☆ Daily parenting guide for preschoolers

🎯What All You Can Do Once You Join Parentune?

👍 For FREE, , ask pregnancy health, diet advice, parenting problems, newborn care doubts, baby growth tracking, nutrition, feeding tips suggestions & a lot more

👍 Live-chat with nutrition, wellness & education doctors & experts

👍 Ask experts & get Instant replies or tips on your pregnancy, newborn baby care & parenting questions

👍 Read curated blogs on baby food recipe, introductory solid foods & more tailored to your baby’s age and to your interests.

👍 Trending things for your toddler, be it events immunization schedule or schools admissions & more.

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👍 Ask baby-friendly products and services reviews.

👍 Be in sync with your fellow parents’ real time through the live feed.

👍 Find parenting solutions validated by fellow parents and experts.

🎯How to Use Parentune

✓ Start by simply entering child birth date or expected due date
✓ Follow topics of your interest.

✓ Validate details, upon successful validation, will start experiencing our personalized support for your parenting journey.

🎯Prizes & Accreditation

Among the top global parenting apps healofy, babychakra by Wall Street Journal & HOT100 Tech Outfits in India, featured by leading national & international media.

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